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CAMPUS USA Credit Union Blog Category: Budgeting

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Essential Money Talks to Have with Your Teen

Mother talking to daughter about banking

In this article, we’re revealing six money conversations you need to have with your teen. These discussions aren’t just about dollars and cents – they’re about equipping them with the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the financial world and succeed.

By CAMPUS USA at 15 May 2024

Pot o’ Gold: Smart Money Moves for St. Paddy’s Day

A pot of gold, horse shoe, clover, and St. Patty's Day hat

Enjoy some tips to help you grow your pot of gold in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

By CAMPUS USA at 8 Mar 2024

6 Essential Credit FAQs Answered

6 Essential Credit FAQs Answered

The world of credit reports and scores can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we're here to help answer some of the more common questions about credit to ensure you’re on the right path to locking in an exceptional score.

By CAMPUS USA at 17 Feb 2024

Discover the Power of Direct Deposit

Discover the Power of Direct Deposit: image of a young woman using her smart phone.

Explore the uses and benefits of direct deposit to ensure you’re getting the most out of this service.

By CAMPUS USA at 24 Jan 2024

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Independent?

What Does It Mean to be Financially Independent?

Explore the four components of modern financial independence and incorporate the following tips into your lifestyle.

By CAMPUS USA at 31 Oct 2023
There are 35 items on 7 pages.


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