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CAMPUS USA Credit Union Blog Category: Financial Advice

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What Does Being Upside-Down on Your Loan Mean?

Sometimes you will hear the words "upside-down" or "under water" when referring to auto loans. Learn more about what that means and how to prevent this from happening to you. 

By Campus USA at 12 Jun 2020

Start Your New Baby's College Savings Now

Start Your New Baby's College Savings Now

You should start saving money so you can pay for your child's future college expenses. Yes, it may seem a little early to be thinking about your newborn’s college, but compound interest will be your best friend over the next 18 years. Learn more...

By Campus USA at 15 May 2020

What is the difference between hard and soft credit inquiries

One of the many factors lenders consider when deciding whether to lend involves the number and types of credit inquiries made on your credit report. Learn more...

By Campus USA at 28 Apr 2020

Coronavirus Concerns? Consider Past Health Crises

Since the turn of the millennium, the market's negative response to health crises has been relatively short-lived...

By Campus USA at 22 Apr 2020

How to Introduce Your Teenager to Banking

While the banking question is one that might not arise until your kids are teens, the education teenagers need about managing their money today is wholly different from the one you may have received when you opened your first account.

By Campus USA at 13 Apr 2020
There are 42 items on 9 pages.


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