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CAMPUS USA Credit Union Blog Category: Financial Advice

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What is your Debt-to-Income Ratio?

What is your Debt-to-Income Ratio?

Learn about loan approvals in simple terms, how your credit score fits in, and why your debt-to-income ratio is crucial.

By Campus USA at 6 Nov 2023

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Independent?

What Does It Mean to be Financially Independent?

Explore the four components of modern financial independence and incorporate the following tips into your lifestyle.

By Campus USA at 31 Oct 2023

Explained: Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay

Explained: Overdraft Protection & Courtesy Pay

A few ways to protect your account include setting up an overdraft transfer from another account to cover the item or Courtesy Pay, which will cover the item for a fee even if you don't have funds in another account. Learn how these tools work.

By Campus USA at 20 Oct 2023

7 Common Money Myths You Should Ignore

Common Money Myths
Everyone has their unique perspective on managing finances. Friends and family often share advice with the best intentions, but sometimes the information might not be entirely aligned with your financial situation. It's essential to filter through the advice and identify the most suitable guidance for you. Check out our list of seven common money myths.

By Campus USA at 9 Aug 2023

How Do Skip-a-Payment Offers Work?

How Do Skip-a-Payment Offers Work?

Everyone needs access to extra cash from time to time. Whether it’s an unforeseen medical bill, a sudden car repair, or for additional spending money during your vacation, having extra cash on hand is always welcome. If you’re looking for a practical solution, consider skipping a loan payment.

By Campus USA at 25 Jul 2023
There are 67 items on 14 pages.


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